General Aviation
Available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, our fully conversant staff will provide you with confidential, discreet and quality service yet will not lose sight of treating your passengers as individuals.
From the moment you contact us we assist in obtaining flight clearance, landing permits and, in general, minimize the "red tape".
Our passenger service staff will deliver top quality and professional service with warmth and a caring attitude, greeting and escorting your passengers to and from the aircraft and expediting passport and customs clearance ensuring swift and efficient service every step of the way.
We arrange a pre-determined meeting point for your passengers and they can even freshen up on the way in our General Aviation lounge just before boarding.
At your request we can arrange for your passengers limousines, helicopters, car rentals, transfers, as well as excellent hotel accommodation at preferential rates.
We feel that no flight is complete without in-flight catering. We can organize anything from the lightest of snacks to a feast fit for a king! A wide selection of beverages can also be arranged to accompany the meal. A variety of international newspapers and magazines for your passenger's in-flight entertainment are also available.
Our Operations-Dispatch Department is one of its kind with on-line link to Eurocontrol, giving crews up to date information thus minimizing delays. Manned on H24 basis our professionals provide computerized flight plans, weather and en-route flight data, and in addition, a manual or computerized load sheet.
Rest assured your crew is in good hands from landing to takeoff. We will escort crew to their waiting pre-arranged transportation and their hotel accommodation. Further more we are able to provide your crew with car rental, mobile telephones and the use of our airport facilities.
Pandair provides brokerage service for jet fuel at all Greek stations. Based on volume, we are able to provide our clients with very competitive prices.
Pandair has extensive experience in serving highly confidential and VIP flights. Our credentials include two USA presidential visits (Air Force One), Ministers and diplomatic flights.
Safety and Security
PANDAIR staff follows in full the rules and regulations pertaining to safety, security and emergency planning as outlined by HCAA and the airlines GHM. We identify hazards evaluate risks and do our best to reduce the threat to safety in all areas for passengers staff and aircrafts.
With all "N" registered aircrafts we comply with the FAA ACSSP (Air Carrier Standard Security Program) in conjunction with HCAA.
We place the highest importance on safety and security in our daily operation and acknowledge that safety for our client airline, passengers, staff, equipment and facilities is an integral component of our success.
GSC (annual FAA approved training course)
Travel Document Check, screening by UK Immigration Department
Annual Pandair sponsored training course (all stations)
Explosives and weapons seminar Gatwick 2002
HCAA safety and emergency planning course
Passport Screening: Perform and ensure passport checks are conducted at check-in and departure gates to ensure positive identification.
Aircraft Guarding: Arrange guarding services for business aircrafts.
Catering: Arrange guarding and escort of catering.
Baggage Transportation: Transportation services arranged for delayed or unaccompanied baggage. Customs clearance and delivery of baggage safely and swiftly to passenger's final destination ensured.
Cargo: Security control of cargo, mail, courier services and carriage of dangerous items in aircraft hold are carried out according to ICAO / HCAA / FAA and client airline security procedures.
Security Audits: Evaluation of individuals used to perform security services, including employees of
companies under contract, and ensure they are able to perform functions according to prescribed directives.
Cruise-Flights Security: Dock side check-in complete package in according to HCAA requirements. This reduces the congestion at the airport without compromising safety and security.
Following Arrangements on Airline's behalf:
Applications for permission to HCAA
Baggage escort in sealed trucks from the port to the airport
Passenger baggage reconciliation against manifest
Baggage guarding
Baggage X-ray
Great emphasis is placed on flight safety by the aviation industry, but it is important not to overlook the many hazards, which may be faced on the ground. Our safety programme emphasises the importance so that staff can identify hazards, evaluate risks and do their best to reduce the threat to safety in all areas for aircrafts passengers and staff.
Operations - Flight Dispatch
A 24 hours communication link provided between the operations department and the destination airport preventing and resolving problems, thus keeping up the image and efficiency of our client airline. With on-line connection to Eurocontrol our dedicated professionals are able to provide flight crews with up to date information thus minimizing delays. On the day of the flight this department is the link between the client airline. Flow Control and various service providers and our network of trained Station Managers at destination airports. We are continually assessing ATC and weather conditions as well as liaising with the destination airports, therefore making it easier to prevent, where possible, problems and potential abnormalities before they arise.
Flight Planning: Our in-house system enables our staff to generate and compile computerized and manual flight plans as per request, considering optimum routes, Notams and the latest weather data.
Weather charts: A complete databank of global weather information is available to us. Updated weather briefing / forecast to the hour briefing, forecast and Notams are available for all flights.
Slot Management: Utilizing our on-line connection with Eurocontrol, monitor, update flight plans and arrange / reftile calculated take-off times for all flights operating through our network.
Flight Watch: Centralized flight watch system monitors, controls and updates all stations pertaining to daily flight operations throughout Greece and Cyprus.
Load Control: In-house system provides manual and computerized load sheets.
Communication: Pandair's own designated frequency (131,67) at specific stations.
Crew Administration
At Pandair we believe that after a long day, crew deserve 'quality time' to crew rest for their departure flight. From landing to takeoff we pay attention to every detail to ensure that everything is arranged and provided prior to their arrival, so leave the rest to us.
We have accounts with all major hotels and have negotiated advantageous rates, which are available to our clients for their crew.
Upon arrival at the airport our team will meet and assist crew and provide them with all relevant documents. After crew briefing we escort and transport crew to the aircraft where all service providers are available fuel, catering etc.
Services Provided
Distribution of relevant information provided by carrier to all parties concerned.
Crew accommodation
Crew transportation
Escort crew through airport facilities
Liaise with hotel on crew call and pick-up times
Take necessary action as specified by the carrier
Crew briefing facilities with telephone, fax, E-mail and telex
Car rental for engineers or other crew member as requested by airline
Mobile telephone for engineer or other crew members requested by airline
Screening of all invoices, pay and recharge all costs to the airline.
Catering Services
Ability to provide research and negotiate with all catering suppliers
Liaise with catering supplier against airline flight program
Coordinate with catering supplier prior to flight confirming catering figures
Meal vouchers arranged upon request in the event of aircraft delay
Screening of catering invoices, pay and recharge all costs to the airline
Fuelling Services
Pandair provides brokerage service for jet fuel at all Greek stations. Based on the collective volume, we are able to provide our clients very competitive prices
Fuel payment service - recharged to airline
Facilities and Equipment
Air-to-ground VHF radio transmitter/receiver with Pandair frequency (131.67)
Adequate airport office facilities
Airport ramp vehicles registered with the appropriate airport authorities, environmental, mechanical certificate and insurance cover
Walkie-talkies provided to facilitate adequate communication between ramp, check-in and operations control
Telex / SITA / Telephone communication available at all Pander stations
Mobile phones provided at all stations (contingency plan)