Management Team Professional Backgound
George Pandelides, Lt. Gen RHAF (ret): (President)
A Pilot since 1944, founded Pandair in 1967 and is the controlling shareholder.
Served in the Korean War and subsequently held various base commands. During his training in the USA Flight Weapons Instructors School he became the first Greek pilot to break the Sound Barrier. Has received numerous international decorations throughout his military carrier. Retired from the Royal Hellenic Air Force after having served as Aide de Camp to King Paul I and Personal Pilot to the Royal Family. He serves as Chairman of Aviator SA. and holds the position of IACA /ACAS Representative in Greece.
Emmanuel G. Pantelides, BA, MBA: (Managing Director)
After completing his graduate work in the USA, held various senior positions in the Correspondent, Corporate and Investment Banking Departments of Irving Trust Co, Chase Manhattan Bank and American Express Bank in New York. In 1991 he assumed his present responsibilities in Pandair. He is presently serving as Managing Director of Aviator S.A and as Vice Chairman of the Athens Airport Users Committee
Ilias Pierrakos, Vice Adm, HCG, (ret): (Governmental Affairs Manager)
Graduate of Athens University. Served as HCG Director of the Ministry of Merchant and Marine. Retired in 1991 with the rank of Vice Admiral from the Hellenic Coast Guard. Joined Pandair management team in 1992 where he is acting as liaison for all Government related issues and the HCAA.